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Jewish Book Council

Cover: Joseph the Dreamer

“This colorfully illustrated retelling of the Biblical story is presented as an engaging, graphic novel featuring Joseph and his family. The classic story is brought to life with vivid colors and clearly written text. Readers will be captivated by this version of a story with which they may already be familiar. The story is told in a family friendly way without omitting important parts of the tale and feels full of detail and atmosphere. Joseph and his family are drawn as rabbits and the Egyptians are drawn as cats which adds an intriguing twist that still feels somehow authentic, although is an unusual illustrative twist.

The author/illustrator’s theatrical background is discernible and the scope and importance of this story certainly lend themselves to the author’s dramatic approach. Jewel toned colors are effectively contrasted with more muted shades highlighting the overall special look of the art. This book is a delightful addition to the growing trend of Biblically themed graphic novels appearing on the shelf.

Recommended for ages 7-10.”—Jewish Book Council

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Joseph the Dreamer
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