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Jewish Book Council

Cover: Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup

“Sophie has two grandmas, one Jewish and one Chinese. Both make chicken soup, one with carrots and kreplach, one with green onions and wontons. Whose soup is better? This touchy subject is nicely resolved when Sophie invites both grandmas to bring over soup for lunch. As the grandmas check out each other’s pots, Sophie and her father pour the two soups together into one tureen. That’s when Bubbe confesses that she uses wonton wrappers to make her kreplach, and Nai Nai admits she buys kosher chicken because the flavor is better. ‘A little Jewish, a little Chinese — a lot like me,’ says Sophie.

This is a wonderful book both for multiethnic families and for developing sensitivity to multiethnic families as well as for anyone interested in cultural similarities in food. Watercolor and pencil illustrations are cheery and bright, with wonderful endpapers which enhance the book’s artistic feel.”—Jewish Book Council

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Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup
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