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Cover: A Different Kind of Passover

“Jessica can’t imagine Passover without her beloved grandfather, but this year he is in bed, recovering from a hospital stay and therefore unable to lead the family seder. This night is supposed to be different from all other nights, but this is the wrong kind of different, Jessica thinks. Then she sees her grandfather reclining on pillows in bed—just like he would be doing at the table. With the help of the whole family, Grandpa is still able to lead the seder, with some adjustments. And though he isn’t the one to hide the afikomen, he remains joyfully right in the middle of all the action. With quiet, impressionistic illustrations, this is a warm tribute both to the holiday of Passover and to strong family bonds. It’s also a gentle lesson in how to manage life’s inevitable changes and challenges.”—Jewish Book Council

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A Different Kind of Passover
  • Available in limited formats
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