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Feathered Quill

Cover: Jodie's Passover Adventure

“Jodie’s father was an archaeologist of note and she dreamed of working the digs like he did when she grew up. When she found the afikomen she got a flashlight as a reward and was hoping that ‘her cousin Zach would help her uncover treasures hidden deep inside the earth.’ When Zach arrived it didn’t seem like she’d have much of a chance to visit with him, much less do any exploring. Her older brothers Shimi and Eli had their Passover week planned out by suggesting they go skateboarding and biking … and Jodie was not invited.

Jodie sulked as she rose out of her chair and pointed her finger at the boys and asked, ‘Hey, when do I get a turn to be with Zach.’ Shimi poked fun at her saying that there was nothing but mutant monsters in those caves, but Zach grew interested when Jodie talked about Hezekiah’s Tunnel. She told him all about how Hezekiah was once the King of Jerusalem and how ‘He even invited all the rulers of Judea to a Passover seder in Jerusalem.’ Would Zach want to go to the tunnel with Jodie and if he did would they be able to figure out the ‘riddle of the middle’ as they made their way to the end?

Hezekiah’s Tunnel or the Siloam Tunnel is underneath the City of David in Jerusalem. Children love a bit of mystery and adventure in books and this tale will encourage many to learn more about the history of Jerusalem and the tunnel itself. Held during Passover week, the story does not specifically talk about the festival, but does mention things such as the afikomen, matzah, and Hezekiah who called upon the people of Jerusalem to keep Passover. This is a fun book that would be an excellent addition to any religious library for the young reader.

Quill says: This is an interesting story about Jodie and her adventure into Hezekiah’s Tunnel.” —The Feathered Quill

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