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Cover: The Shabbat Princess

“If your reading group includes pink-loving girls who are perennially clothed in princess dresses, this book will be an immediate winner. From its rose-colored cover to its costume box full of gowns, this book will instantly appeal to fans of Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella while delivering a message about Sabbath observation that should be well-received by Jewish families. This sweet story integrates the observance of the Shabbat dinner and the welcoming of the ‘Shabbat Queen’ with a contemporary tale. Thankfully, the term ‘Jewish princess’ never appears in its pages. Rather the main character, a girl named Rosie thinks that if we celebrate the arrival of Shabbat as a queen, there must be room for a princess, as well. This makes perfect sense if you are a four- or five-year-old girl, as Rosie appears to be. Dressed in her costume box finest—Rosie appears to be an only child with very doting parents—Rosie wants diamonds but settles for the crystal candlesticks her mother produces. A goblet is the Shabbat cup that her father retrieves; clearly, it hasn’t been unwrapped since mom and dad’s wedding day. Finally, the challah needs an appropriate ‘garment,’ so Rosie retrieves a glittery scarf. Bit by bit, Rosie’s small family observes the Sabbath meal with ceremony and finery. Pictures by Martha Aviles portray a loving home and highlight Rosie’s excitement at creating her own version of Shabbat. Mom and Dad may have fallen down on previous preparations, but it’s clear that their weekly dinner will now be infused with a different feel and spirit thanks to Rosie. All in all, this is a delightful book that will be scooped up by princess-obsessed girls looking for an excuse to ‘dress’ for dinner.

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