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Cover: A Different Kind of Passover

“This is a pleasant read by an author well versed in juvenile literature with a focus on the theme of the importance of the family within Jewish folklore, especially during the celebration of the traditional Passover seder (order)dinner. In this story, the family patriarch, the grandfather, is juxtaposed to the youngest member of the family, the granddaughter. As a matter of traditional course, the youngest participant is expected to converse in a didactic exchange with the query ‘Why is this night different from all other nights?’ The night of this seder is different because the grandfather is ill and cannot sit at the head of the dinner table and lead the ritual ceremony. Nevertheless, with the assistance of other family members, the grandfather is still able to hide the afikomen (Greek for ‘I have come’) under his pillow, allowing the granddaughter to complete the process of finding it and receiving a reward. In the end, it is the family that is rewarded for accomplishing a mitzvah (blessing) under some difficulty with the recognition of the importance of togetherness.”—Catholic Library World

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A Different Kind of Passover
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