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Cover: Meg Goldberg on Parade

“Using rhyming couplets, Rosenbaum introduces readers to the annual Celebrate Israel Parade, held every spring in New York City. Meg and her family drive in from the suburbs and watch from the sidelines, until the wind magically sweeps Meg up high, giving her a chance to participate in all the day’s events. She marches with the mayor, floats with the balloons, folk dances with the ladies, carries an Israeli flag, and leads a Yemenite band. Finally, she is crowned grand marshal and invited back for the following year. Lyles’ colorful mixed-media artwork makes good use of collage in recreating New York City’s Upper East Side. And while his style is reminiscent of greeting card art, the rich color palette is pleasing and conveys all the story details. Appended with additional information about the parade, this should make a useful addition to Judaica collections, especially those near New York City.” — Booklist Online

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Meg Goldberg on Parade
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