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Cover: The Mitzvah Magician

“In this sweetly energetic story with brightly colored pictures to match, Marshall simplifies the Jewish concept of mitzvah (‘giving back’ as a moral and religious obligation), making the idea more accessible to preschoolers by linking it to a child’s everyday world. When Gabriel dons his cap and swishes his magic wand, things happen. Unfortunately, what happens gets him into trouble. While trying to make milk disapear from a glass, he causes a messy spill; instead of making his sister disappear, he makes her cry. His mother intervenes, sending him away for a time-out. If he is to be a great magician, she tells him, he must “do things that make people happy.” So Gabriel cleans up the milk, picks up his toys, and sets the table. When his mother reappears, he waves his magic wand, ‘One-wish! Two-wish! Jew-wish!”’ and surprises her with all the good deeds he has done. Now he is the Mitzvah Magician!” — Booklist Online

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The Mitzvah Magician
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