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Cover: Joseph the Dreamer

“This comic-book adaptation of the story of Joseph presents the Bible tale in a softened, kid-friendly format. Joseph, a rabbit, is far and away Jacob’s favorite son, and his vivid dreams seem to mean he’ll be a
ruler someday, much to the consternation of his 10 older brothers. When he receives his iconic colorful coat, it’s the last straw for his jealous brothers, who sell him to a passing merchant en route to Egypt.
Though he experiences plenty of strife there, Joseph gradually gains a reputation for being an expert dream interpreter, and soon he’s adviser to the pharaoh himself. Laff emphasizes Joseph’s perseverance and
humility in the face of misfortune, which could make this story from Genesis more accessible to wider readership. The cartoonish artwork, featuring all-animal characters and gentle, rich colors, gives it even
more kid appeal. Kids learning Bible stories will appreciate this inviting, easy-to-read volume.”―Booklist

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Joseph the Dreamer
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