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Cover: Drat That Cat!


Review: Drat That Cat, by Tony Ross

“Whenever anything bad happened, Suzy got the blame…usually because she had done it.”

Whether your family has a cat, or a certain someone wants one, kids of all ages will enjoy Suzy’s antics – as well as the way she reminds her family to appreciate her in spite of them. The illustrations are always a strong point in Ross’s books, with plenty of details to chuckle over – the fur landing on Granddad before Suzy even does, the smelly brown substance on brother’s finger as he goes poking through the dirt – as Suzy smirks nearby.

New pets make a tempting Christmas gift, but there are so many reasons to wait until the chaos dies down. Perhaps pair this with a stuffed kitty, or a date to volunteer at a local shelter. This one, for example, offers obedience classes (for dogs, not cats), and is always looking for volunteers to bring their adoptable animals to classes, so they can learn to be a BIT better behaved than Suzy!

Thank-you to Anderson Press for the review copy!

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