Amber Lough

Amber Lough grew up traveling around the world as the daughter of a Naval Officer and a drama teacher. When she was ten, she dreamed of being Indiana Jones, so she poured over archaeology books and tried to learn as many languages as she could. As a teen, she took AFROTC classes in school and joined the rifle drill team, both of which continued into college despite the obvious nerd factor. In fact,

Amber never cared if people called her a nerd, because nerds are cool. For added effect, Amber double-majored in Russian and International Studies. After college, Amber became a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and continued on to Intelligence training. A few years later, she wound up an active participant in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where she learned that war can be both terrifying and boring but is never truly enjoyable. Nor should it be. It was in Iraq where Amber realized life is too short to waste doing something she wasn’t passionate about.

Amber now lives in Germany with her astrophysicist husband and their two kids. They have two rambunctious cats, an allotment garden, too many Legos, and not enough books.