Mia Posada

Mia Posada grew up in Minneapolis, then studied art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After graduating, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she lived until 2007 when she moved back to Minneapolis with her husband and children. Mia has written and illustrated numerous books including: Ladybugs: Red, Fiery and Bright, Robins: Songbirds of Spring, Guess What is Growing Inside This Egg, and Plants Can’t Sit Still. She also wrote and illustrated Summer Green to Autumn Gold: Uncovering Leaves’ Hidden Colors.


What was your favorite book when you were a child?

The Monster’s Nose Was Cold by Joan Hanson

What’s your favorite line from a book?

“And it was still hot.” —Where the Wild Things Are

Who are your top three favorite authors or illustrators?

Steve Jenkins, Melissa Sweet, Sylvia Long

Why did you want to become an author or illustrator?

I love to illustrate and to educate. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my mother who was also an author and illustrator.

Do you have any advice for future authors or illustrators?

Try to develop your unique voice or style, while thinking about what subjects kids, and also parents or teachers, would be interested in.