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YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / History / Prehistoric

Battle of the Dinosaur Bones: Othniel Charles Marsh vs Edward Drinker Cope

From the Series Scientific Rivalries and Scandals

In the 1880s, science witnessed a major shift: Charles Darwin proposed his theory of evolution. People dug up the first dinosaur fossils. And the field of paleontology—the study of ancient… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1020
  • ATOS: 7.5
  • Dewey: 560.97309'034

Scientific Rivalries and Scandals — eBook Set

From the Series Scientific Rivalries and Scandals


Bribery. Theft. Betrayals and lifelong feuds. Intense competition leading to bitter disputes has characterized the relationships among some of the world’s greatest scientific innovators. This… Read More →

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