From Austen to Wilde, Lerner Digital Has the Classics Covered

First Avenue Classics™

First Avenue Classics

First Avenue Classics transform unabridged editions of literary staples into compelling digital layouts, making the books accessible from any digital device.

Instead of annually resupplying lost books from print collections of assigned classics, purchase a multi-user eBook once and have it for years to come. Multi-user access covers the entire school, allowing titles to be simultaneously used for classroom assignments, book club picks, and independent reading. Each school owns the eBooks forever—no hosting or subscription fees apply.

Students and educators can easily navigate the fixed-format pagination and hyperlinked table of contents. When available, original illustrations are also featured.

Lerner Publishing Group acknowledges that many classic books contain racist tropes, stereotypes, and language. Below, we’ve compiled articles from librarians and educators with recommendations for how to evaluate, discuss, or teach these classics by providing readers with context and critical analysis or pairing classics with books featuring BIPOC voices and authors.

Elementary Collection

Grades K-5

From classic fairy stories to fantastic adventures, titles in this collection will enthrall younger readers. When possible, the books also feature illustrations from some of the earliest editions of these works.

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Middle School Collection

Grades 6-8

Featuring genres from adventure stories and fantasies to thrillers and realistic fiction, this middle school multi-user eBook collection has something for every interest.

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High School Collection

Grades 9-12

Whether supporting personal reading interests, classroom assignments, or college-bound reading requirements, this high school collection offers a wealth of excellent reading options.

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Shakespeare Collection

Grades 6-8

This grouping makes it a snap to browse all of Shakespeare’s best-known comedies, tragedies, and historical plays available.

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Additional Resources

Anti-Racist Children’s Book Resources

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