Text Sets

Expand students’ opportunities to read and understand information with Text Sets

Students are presented with curricular topics in an engaging manner. Teachers get CCSS-aligned materials for small group instruction, whole class instruction, and independent reading. Each set contains six copies of the included texts as well as a hardcover high-interest read-aloud title and a comprehensive teaching guide.

Why Use Text Sets?

  • • Deepen students' subject knowledge through reading across multiple texts
  • • Cover key STEM curriculum as well as domain-specific vocabulary
  • • Introduce nonfiction features such as table of contents, index, glossary
  • • Guide students' close reading of a text
  • • Offer opportunities for text-dependent responses from students
One Hardcover classroom read-aloud Six paperback copies for each topic Grades K-5 Plus Special Coding Set Comprehensive teaching guide with black line masters

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