Grades 4-5 Digital Library Read for a Better World ™

    Read for a Better World™ is a new kind of inclusive literacy collection designed for today’s readers in today’s world. Through authentic and culturally relevant texts and responsive writing activities, Read for a Better World uses a research-based approach to literacy for striving, on-level, and advanced readers, while teacher resources provide theory and lesson plans designed to support the topics of inclusivity and diversity.

    The Grades 4-5 Digital Classroom Library helps readers understand their own identity and place in the world as it relates to history and current events. This kit provides renewable one-year access to the ebooks in the collection.


    • 37 Days at Sea
    • Africa is Not a Country
    • Can I Touch Your Hair?
    • Cassandra Steps Out
    • Diversity and Entertainment
    • Frida Kahlo
    • Girl Code Revolution
    • Immigration, Refugees, and the Fight for a Better Life
    • Kamala Harris
    • Little White Duck
    • Malala Yousafzai
    • Mars Science Lab Engineer Diana Trujillo
    • Mass Incarceration, Black Men, and the Fight for Justice
    • Mega-Dogs of New Kansas
    • More Than a Game
    • My Beijing
    • Native Peoples of the Plains
    • Native Peoples of the Southwest
    • Nintendo Video Game Designer Shigeru Miyamoto
    • On Edge
    • Ruth and the Green Book
    • Sacagawea
    • Serena Williams
    • Super Soaker Inventor Lonnie Johnson
    • The Captain
    • The Notations of Cooper Cameron
    • The Secret of the Puzzle Box
    • The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft Construction
    • Warrior Zone

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