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Jackie Robinson

From the Series On My Own Biography

The first African American to break the color barrier in modern major league baseball, Jackie Robinson was one of the greatest players of all time. Forced to put up with angry, hateful fans… Read More →

  • Lexile: 620
  • ATOS: 3.7
  • Dewey: 796.357'092

Monster Trucks

From the Series Pull Ahead Books — Mighty Movers

Monster trucks are big, noisy machines. They're so tall that their drivers have to climb to get into them! They can drive over cars, tow lots of heavy things, and more. Read More →

  • Lexile: 430
  • ATOS: 2.2
  • Dewey: 796.7

Nathan Hale: Patriot Spy

From the Series On My Own Biography

As the Revolutionary War began, Nathan Hale immediately joined up on the side of the Patriots. When General Washington needed a spy, Hale was the only man to volunteer for the job. In the… Read More →

  • Lexile: 610
  • ATOS: 3.8
  • Dewey: 973.3'85'092

No One Saw: Ordinary Things through the Eyes of an Artist

From the Series Bob Raczka's Art Adventures

With a simple, rhyming text and beautifully reproduced paintings, No One Saw explores modern art. Each painting highlights the way in which the artist looked at the world in his or her own… Read More →

  • Dewey: 759.06

Our Big Home: An Earth Poem

Young children usually think of their home as the structure in which they live. In Our Big Home, the author and illustrator present a much larger vision of home as the planet Earth. Linda… Read More →

  • ATOS: 2.8
  • Dewey: [E]


From the Series On My Own Biography

As the young daughter of a powerful Powhatan leader, Pocahontas befriended the English settlers in Jamestown, Virginia. Although she helped them survive their difficult first years, and she… Read More →

  • Lexile: 580
  • ATOS: 3.4
  • Dewey: 975.5'01'092

Pouncing Bobcats

From the Series Pull Ahead Books — Animals

With furry, tufted ears, spotted coats, and short knobby tails, bobcats are distinctive wild cats. Found in forests, grasslands, mountains, swamps, or even deserts, bobcats hunt and grow from… Read More →

  • Lexile: 460
  • ATOS: 2.2
  • Dewey: 599.75'36

Prickly Porcupines

From the Series Pull Ahead Books — Animals

What kind of animal looks like a hairbrush, but feels like a cactus? A porcupine! With sharp, prickly quills to help keep them safe, porcupines live and grow in forests where they can find… Read More →

  • Lexile: 440
  • ATOS: 2.0
  • Dewey: 599.35'974

Pull Ahead Books — Mighty Movers — Mixed Set

From the Series Pull Ahead Books — Mighty Movers


Jump start kids' interest in reading with these fast-moving titles. A whole fleet of transportation options are available to explore, covering a variety of categories: public transportation (s Read More →

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Swimming Salmon

From the Series Pull Ahead Books — Animals

Salmon are born in freshwater streams and rivers, but spend most of their lives in saltwater oceans. After eggs are laid in freshwater, they hatch and baby salmon swim and grow until they… Read More →

  • Lexile: 510
  • ATOS: 2.7
  • Dewey: 597.5'6

T-Boy of the Bayou

Lying on the grassy edge of the Louisiana bayou, T-Boy makes a wish to help his daddy. His daddy's a shrimper, but the shrimp have disappeared. When a marsh heron offers to grant his wish… Read More →

  • ATOS: 3.6
  • Dewey: [Fic]

Cooking the Caribbean Way

From the Series Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks 2nd Edition

With abundant textures and tastes that differ from island to island, the food of the Caribbean is a delicious blend of traditions. Reflecting the cultures of a diverse population, Caribbean… Read More →

  • ATOS: 7.1
  • Dewey: 641.59729

Cooking the Greek Way

From the Series Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks 2nd Edition

Greek cuisine is both exciting and rich in tradition. Influenced by both western European and Middle Eastern foods, contemporary Greek dishes reflect an interesting combination of old and new… Read More →

  • ATOS: 6.6
  • Dewey: 641.59495

Cooking the Indian Way

From the Series Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks 2nd Edition

The contrasts of geography, climate, religious beliefs, and population in India result in its strong and distinct culture. These differences have greatly influenced Indian menus. However, one… Read More →

  • ATOS: 7.3
  • Dewey: 641.5954

Cooking the Israeli Way

From the Series Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks 2nd Edition

Israeli food is a blend of many different cooking traditions. This tasty collection of recipes includes delicious dishes such as felafel, Passover popovers, and cheese blintzes. Read More →

  • ATOS: 7.4
  • Dewey: 641.595694

Cooking the Norwegian Way

From the Series Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks 2nd Edition

Norwegian cooking has been shaped by its climate, many natural resources, and landscape, with long coastline surrounding over two-thirds of the country and hundreds of fjords jutting inland… Read More →

  • ATOS: 6.6
  • Dewey: 641.59481

Cooking the Polish Way

From the Series Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks 2nd Edition

Over the years, the hearty flavors and rich textures of Polish cooking have been influenced by a strong farming tradition, available food resources, and contact with other cultures. With… Read More →

  • ATOS: 7.0
  • Dewey: 641.59438

Cooking the Thai Way

From the Series Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks 2nd Edition

Most Thai consider food to be an art form, and the dishes they prepare are spicy and rich with a characteristic sweet/sour/salty taste that makes their cuisine unique. With flavors ranging… Read More →

  • ATOS: 6.8
  • Dewey: 641.59593

Cooking the Vietnamese Way

From the Series Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks 2nd Edition

Vietnam's warm climate allows for an abundance of rice, fresh fruits, and vegetables that are the mainstays of Vietnamese meals. Its seas yield the fish that produce the fish sauce that is a… Read More →

  • ATOS: 7.3
  • Dewey: 641.59597

Elf Night

In this enchanting bedtime tale, a young boy is carried through the magical world of elves. Elves dance through his imagination--riding on crickets and skipping in starlight, spinning on… Read More →

  • ATOS: 1.3
  • Dewey: [E]

Everybody Brings Noodles

Carrie has worked hard to organize her neighborhood's 4th of July block party. Excitement hangs in the air as she makes sure that every last detail—from the food to the talent show--is ready… Read More →

  • Lexile: 610
  • ATOS: 3.1
  • Dewey: [Fic]


From the Series Adventures in Time

It's September 1, 1894, and 13-year-old Maggie Grant and her family are about to face a terror like none they've ever experienced. Having recently moved to the newly constructed town of… Read More →

  • Dewey: [Fic]

I Pledge Allegiance, 2nd Edition

From the Series On My Own History

In this inspiring and relevant book, discover how "The Pledge of Allegiance" has become one of the enduring symbols of America's pride. In 1888, a children's magazine announced that a new… Read More →

  • ATOS: 4.9
  • Dewey: 323.6'5'0973

Ladybugs: Red, Fiery, and Bright

Enter the magical realm of ladybugs to see how they grow into bright flying beetles with vivid red coats and shiny black spots. From Mia Posada, the author/illustrator of the acclaimed… Read More →

  • Lexile: 560
  • ATOS: 4.1
  • Dewey: 595.76'9