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Beware! Poisonous things are all around you. Author Marilyn Singer brings kids the coolest info on creatures that can harm or even kill with a bite or sting Read More →

  • Lexile: 1100
  • ATOS: 7.8
  • Dewey: 592


From the Series Contaminated

After the Contamination—an epidemic caused by the super-trendy diet drink SlimPro that turned ordinary citizens into shambling creatures unable to control their violent impulses—the… Read More →

  • Lexile: 700
  • ATOS: 4.4
  • Dewey: [Fic]

Contaminated — Paperback Set

From the Series Contaminated


A diet drink has just contaminated a large population of the United States, and chaos is rapidly spreading throughout the country. The government decides to corral the contaminated into dog… Read More →

  • Paperback
  • List Price: $19.98
  • Your Price: $18.98
  • 2 titles

Into the Dark — Trade Hardcover Set

From the Series Into the Dark


In this modern-day retelling of Persephone and Orpheus, Haden (Hades) Lord, the disgraced prince of the Underrealm, has been sent to the mortal world to convince Daphne (Persephone) Raines to… Read More →

  • Trade Hardcover
  • List Price: $56.97
  • Your Price: $42.73
  • 3 titles

The Shadow Prince

From the Series Into the Dark

Haden Lord, the disgraced prince of the Underrealm, has been sent to the mortal world to entice a girl into returning with him to the land of the dead. Posing as a student at Olympus Hills… Read More →

  • Lexile: 780
  • ATOS: 5.3
  • Dewey: [Fic]

The Shibboleth

From the Series The Twelve-Fingered Boy Trilogy

"There are certain shibboleths to our condition." At the end of the first book of The Twelve-Fingered Boy Trilogy, Jack and Shreve are incarcerado―physically locked up. Shreve's back in the… Read More →

  • Lexile: 750
  • ATOS: 5.1
  • Dewey: [Fic]

The Twelve-Fingered Boy Trilogy — Paperback Set

From the Series The Twelve-Fingered Boy Trilogy


There are forces at work in the world beyond mere human understanding, and when those forces coalesce, the only solution may be a post-human solution. Juvenile inmates Shreveport Justice… Read More →

  • Paperback
  • List Price: $18.94
  • Your Price: $18.94
  • 2 titles

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

Dr. Henry Jekyll is a well-known gentleman living in London. He seems perfectly normal—that is, until he wills his estate to Mr. Edward Hyde, a wicked figure who had assaulted a young girl… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1010
  • ATOS: 9.4
  • Dewey: 821'.8

Uncle Tom's Cabin: or, Life among the Lowly

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

Uncle Tom, a slave on a farm in Kentucky, is sold by his owner Arthur Shelby and forced to travel south down the Mississippi River. As he is sold from one owner to another, his strong faith… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1050
  • ATOS: 9.3
  • Dewey: 813'.3

Guitar Notes

On odd days, Tripp uses a school practice room to let loose on a borrowed guitar. Eyes closed, strumming that beat-up instrument, Tripp escapes to a world where only the music matters. On… Read More →

  • Lexile: 680
  • ATOS: 4.0
  • Dewey: [Fic]


There are people in this world who are Nobody. No one sees them. No one notices them. They live their lives under the radar, forgotten as soon as you turn away. That's why they make the… Read More →

  • Lexile: 710
  • ATOS: 4.8
  • Dewey: [Fic]

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

Bored with reading a book with no pictures, Alice looks up and sees a white rabbit in a waistcoat. Curious, she follows. Tumbling down a rabbit hole after him, Alice leaves the rational world… Read More →

  • Lexile: 850
  • ATOS: 7.4
  • Dewey: [Fic]

Bombs over Bikini: The World’s First Nuclear Disaster

In 1946, as part of the Cold War arms race, the US military launched a program to test nuclear bombs in the Marshall Islands of the Pacific Ocean. From 1946 until 1958, the military detonated… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1150
  • Dewey: 623.4'5119

Jane Eyre

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

Jane Eyre endures a harsh childhood as an orphan living first with her cruel aunt and later at a boarding school run by a callous headmaster. After completing school, Jane accepts a governess… Read More →

  • Lexile: 840
  • ATOS: 7.9
  • Dewey: 823'.8

Little Women

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

The four March sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy—face good times and bad while growing up in a small New England town. Their father is away, serving as a chaplain for the Union in the Civil War… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1090
  • ATOS: 7.9
  • Dewey: [Fic]

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

In 1817 or 1818, Frederick Douglass was born into slavery on a plantation in Maryland. As a young boy, he served in a household, but as he grew older, he faced increasingly brutal conditions… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1040
  • ATOS: 7.9
  • Dewey: 973.8

Romeo and Juliet

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

For Romeo and Juliet, it's love at first sight. But there's a problem: Romeo belongs to the Montague family, while Juliet is a Capulet. In Verona, these noble families are constantly feuding… Read More →

  • ATOS: 8.6
  • Dewey: 822.3'3

Seven Billion and Counting: The Crisis in Global Population Growth

October 31, 2011, marked an uneasy milestone for Planet Earth. On this day, the global population surpassed seven billion. What does that mean for a world that, until the nineteenth century… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1320
  • Dewey: 363.9'1

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

Huckleberry Finn has just been adopted by the Widow Douglass and her sister, and both are committed to changing Huck's "uncivilized" ways. Clean clothes, good manners, and steady church and… Read More →

  • Lexile: 980
  • ATOS: 6.6
  • Dewey: [Fic]

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

Whether tricking other boys into doing his work or sneaking off to bury a dead cat, Tom Sawyer is a boy with a fondness for mischief. But things become grim when he and his pal Huck Finn… Read More →

  • Lexile: 930
  • ATOS: 8.1
  • Dewey: [Fic]

The Call of the Wild

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

Buck is a big dog living a comfortable life in California. When gold is discovered in Canada, he is stolen from his home, taken up to the Klondike region, and forced to pull dog sleds. As… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1120
  • ATOS: 8.0
  • Dewey: [Fic]

The Raven

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

During a dark night in December, a man sits in his room sadly thinking about his lost love, Lenore. Suddenly, he hears a tapping on the door, but no one is there. The noise moves to the… Read More →

  • ATOS: 7.1
  • Dewey: 811'.3

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

From the Series First Avenue Classics ™

Dorothy lives a peaceful though dull life on the Kansas prairie with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. When Dorothy and her dog Toto are carried off by a tornado to the land of Oz, magical adventures… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1030
  • ATOS: 7.0
  • Dewey: [Fic]

Traumatic Brain Injury: From Concussion to Coma

Two soccer players collide on the field. A soldier in Afghanistan is thrown to the ground during a bomb explosion. A teen has an accident while riding her bike—and she isn't wearing her… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1050
  • Dewey: 617.4'81044