Spring 2023

Roads to Family: All the Ways We Come to Be

Examine—and appreciate—the many ways in which people can create a family. This informative compendium goes beyond the basics of sexual reproduction to examine the diversity of medical and… Read More →

  • Dewey: 612.6
  • Copyright: 2023


“Ginocchio is here for readers who want to learn more about reproduction and families than the simple birds-and-the-bees, sex-leads-to-babies explanations provide. . . Families come in a variety of arrangements, all of which are worthy of pride. Reviewer Rating: 5”… View →


“Roads to Family is a terrific book for humans of all ages to learn about the different ways families are created. By including stories from nearly every kind of family, this book expands the idea of family beyond typical clinical explanations and is a celebration of… View →


“©omprehensive, inclusive of the diverse medical and societal methods people use, including in-virto fertilization, surrogacy, adoption, and more. This book is thorough, medically accurate, yet not overwhelming.” —Melissa Pintor Carnagey, Founder and lead educator of Sex View →


“I hope the honest and heartfelt stories in this informative book empower donor conceived readers to own their experience and continue to define their family on their own terms.”—Erin Jackson, Founder, We Are Donor Conceived View →


“Rachel Ginocchio’s Roads to Family: All the Ways We Come to Be creates a beautiful tapestry of families around the world. With rich personal stories, clear explanations and incredibly helpful illustrations, readers will be delighted and amazed at the diversity of… View →


“Within each chapter, Ginocchio tells engaging, lengthy stories, based on interviews, of several racially and ethnically diverse parents, from same-sex relationships to individuals who wanted to be parents to heterosexual couples struggling with infertility, and how they brought… View →


“A rich and resourceful guide . . . The book is nuanced, bringing to the forefront the validity of all families along with answers to the questions young people might have about themselves and others.”—Kirkus Reviews View →