Lerner AR

Watch your book come to life with Lerner AR!

Download this free app to pair with a Lerner AR book. As you read, look for the Lerner AR icon throughout the book. It means there is an augmented reality experience on that page! Use the app to scan the picture near the icon to access bonus augmented reality content related to that page. See a planet spinning or watch a shuttle take off!


  • Easy to use, intuitive augmented reality viewer
  • Tips & Tricks and interactive instruction help you get the most out of the experience
  • Brings digital content to the reading experience in a way that short links or QR codes simply can’t provide

Download our teaching guide to get resources and ideas to help your students create their own space-themed augmented reality experiences.

Companion book series Space in Action lets readers explore space through interactive augmented reality experiences! Watch a black hole eat a star, see the moon’s orbit, look around on Mars as if you’re actually there. Each book contains 3-5 AR experiences using real NASA models to explain planetary orbits, black holes, comets and asteroids, the solar system, space stations, and the machines and gear that astronauts use to explore the galaxy. From new discoveries about planets and stars to the latest information about cutting-edge technology used by astronauts, this series will thrill space fans with true augmented reality. It’s like a pop-up book for your digital device!

Augmented reality experiences include:

  • a star being born

  • a star dying/exploding

  • Voyager 2 leaving the heliosphere and becoming the second artifact to leave the solar system

  • the Space Launch System launching

  • a humanoid robot built for space exploration

  • future space vehicles

  • Cassini orbiting Saturn and then crashing into the planet

  • the early solar system forming

  • a complete animated orbital model of the solar system

  • visit the surfaces of the moon and Mars

  • watch a star go supernova

  • take an up-close look at Chandra, one of the telescopes that took the recent first picture of a black hole

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