Keep Your Kids Reading!

If you’re like many of us across the US right now – surprise, you’re homeschooling! Whether your local school is providing distance learning resources or not, you’re probably also trying to keep your kids entertained and learning while you try to get things done. The great news is you don’t need to recreate school at home. If your kids are reading, that’s enough – and that’s where we come in. Our books are designed to be both educational AND entertaining.

For more than 60 years, teachers and librarians have trusted Lerner Publishing Group to provide exceptional nonfiction and fiction for children and young adults for use in libraries and classrooms – books that fly off the shelves. We are here to help with:

* Hundreds of Interactive eBooks available for free through our Distance Learning Library through June 30, 2020

* Most fiction and high-interest educational nonfiction paperbacks under $10

* A 25% discount on all of our award-winning, kid-approved hardcovers and books for teen readers

* No promo code needed, your discount will show in your cart!

Distance Learning Library from Lerner Digital

Scan the QR codes or follow the log-in instructions below to access these digital resources.

Grades PreK-5.

Grades 6-12.

You can also visit and enter the following credentials to access these resources.

Grades PreK-5

Grades 6-12
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