Assistant Editor/Assistant Photo Editor

Responsible for substantive work on assigned books, including working with authors and doing appropriate research, fact checking, and copyediting. Responsible also for communicating with production editors, designers, and photo editors as needed and for keeping the books on schedule as they move into production.

Responsible to research, acquire (including negotiation, licensing and fees), and track usage of imagery for Lerner Publishing Group products as mentored by the Photo Editor Manager and the Senior Photo Editor. Some additional duties assigned as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities:
as Assistant Text Editor

  1. Substantively edits assigned books. This work includes communicating fully and frequently with authors to get the best possible revisions; doing research, rewriting, fact checking, and copyediting; creating indexes and other content to structured files for digital and print delivery; compiling photo wish lists and supplying them to photo research in a timely way; and finding consultants.
  2. Monitors assigned books’ schedules throughout the editing process to ensure the books go into production on time.
  3. Creates content focused on LPG’s various customer bases, with an eye toward triggering deeper engagement from those customers.
  4. Monitors blogs, tweets and other social-networking media that discuss children’s books and the use of digital content in the educational sphere.
  5. Works with designers to review, request changes to, and approve photos and illustrations.
  6. When appropriate, communicates with production editors on book’s contents and vision. Supplies all needed front and back matter and reviews layouts and captions in a timely way. When appropriate, supplies original caption content.
  7. Offers critical feedback on book proposals, crossreads, etc. as needed.
  8. When necessary, copyedits and proofreads other editors’ titles
  9. Drafts cover copy and flap copy for other editors’ titles as well as own.
  10. Perform other related business duties assigned by immediate supervisor and/or other management as required, including market and curricular research.

as Assistant Photo Editor

  1. Be an active member of the Creative Content team, supporting Lerner Publishing Group’s commitment to deliver high quality products with simplicity and efficiency.
  2. Prioritize projects according to production schedule and with guidance of supervisor.
  3. Research appropriate imagery for projects that meet project guidelines for content and budget.
  4. Share imagery in compliance with best practices guidelines.
  5. Communicate with supervisor and Creative Content team the status of projects.
  6. Communicate with photo vendors to: acquire imagery; negotiate licensing and fees; follow-up with status of payments.
  7. Track usage and licensing of all images in department data base and ensure all necessary files are complete.
  8. Assist department photographer to coordinate in-house and off-site photography.
  9. Maintain broad knowledge on variety of subjects, including copyright legal issues; art, geography, science, current events, entertainment, history, sports, technology, etc.

Experience and Necessary Skills:
as Assistant Text Editor

  1. Proven research/writing skills at various reading levels and for different series
  2. Strong analytical abilities
  3. Clear, effective, and timely verbal and written communication with authors, consultants, editorial colleagues; responsive to the needs of colleagues at all levels in a timely way
  4. Extremely strong organizational skills; deadline oriented; self-monitoring
  5. Efficient use of time (own and that of production editors, designers, typesetters, prepress operators, etc.); able to prioritize projects or seek help in prioritizing.
  6. Strong Internet skills for finding, using, and monitoring appropriate children’s educational sites, blogs, and other social media.
  7. At least one year of editorial experience preferred.

as Assistant Photo Editor

  1. Internet and library research experience
  2. Strong written and oral communication quality
  3. Microsoft Office and FileMaker Pro (helpful)
  4. General office experience

Education: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent


Please send resumes or any general employment inquires to:
Joyce Hutchinson
Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.
241 First Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55401
FAX: 612-204-9208


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