BISAC Subject JNF052030

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Social Science / Folklore & Mythology

Death Uncovered — Library Bound Set Fall 2019
Library Bound Hardcover $83.97, 4 titles
Demeter & Persephone: Spring Held Hostage [A Greek Myth]
Demons and Dragons
Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?: And Other Questions about Your Health and Body
Does It Really Take Seven Years to Digest Swallowed Gum?: And Other Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask
Eerie ESP
Eerie Haunted Houses Fall 2020
El caballo de Troya (The Trojan Horse): La caída de Troya [Un mito griego] (The Fall of Troy [A Greek Myth])
Fire and Ice: Stories of Winter from around the World
Frightful Ghost Ships
Ghostly Evidence: Exploring the Paranormal
Ghosts and Goblins: Scary Stories from around the World
Ghoulish Ghosts Fall 2019
Giants and Trolls
Girls and Goddesses: Stories of Heroines from around the World
Graphic Myths and Legends — Audisee®—Fluent Set
Audisee®—Fluent $319.92, 8 titles
Graphic Myths and Legends — eBook Set
Multi-user eBook $938.30, 22 titles
Graphic Myths and Legends — Paperback Set
Paperback $208.79, 22 titles
Guan Yu: Blood Brothers to the End [A Chinese Legend]
Happily Ever Crafter — eBook Set Fall 2019
Multi-user eBook $191.93, 6 titles
Happily Ever Crafter — Library Bound Set Fall 2019
Library Bound Hardcover OS, 6 titles Temporarily out of stock
Haunts and Horrors Fall 2019
Hércules (Hercules): Los doce trabajos [Un mito griego] (The Twelve Labors [A Greek Myth])
Hercules: The Twelve Labors [A Greek Myth]
  • Available in limited formats
  • Soon! Fall 2020
  • New! Spring 2020
  • New! Fall 2019